Past Cricket World Cup Winners

The Cricket World Cup has been going on since 1975 and the West Indies got off to a flying start winning the first to staging of this great event and only just failing in the 1983 finals. This was the high point of West Indies cricket with some great players leading their country to the heights of World cricket.

In recent years Australia have been dominant and they look like staying at the top of World cricket for some time to come. Australia have won the 1999, 2003 Cricket World Cup and the 2007 World Cup leaving everyone attempting to reach their high standards. Last time in the West Indies we saw a stunning performance from Adam Gilchrist in the final as he smashed the Aussies to glory.

One of the fairytale stories of past World Cup winners has been Sri Lanka who were exceptional in the 1996 Cricket World Cup Betting and brought back the trophy to south east Asia for the third time with previous winners including Pakistan in 1992 and India in 1983.

Year    Winner          Runner-up

1975   West Indies   Australia
1979   West Indies   Australia
1983   India               West Indies
1987   Australia        England
1992   Pakistan        England
1996   Sri Lanka       Australia
1999   Australia        Pakistan
2003   Australia        India
2007   Australia        Sri Lanka